Directorate of Research, Innovation and Outreach

Dr. Moses Thiga
Director, Research, Innovation and Outreach

The Directorate of Research was established in the year 2017 as a separate entity from the then Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research. It was subsequently renamed to the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Outreach in the year 2019 in order to reflect the breadth of its mandate.

The directorate is headed by Dr Moses M Thiga, a lecturer in the school of Computer Science and Bioinformatics. Dr Thiga holds a Phd in Information Systems (Kabarak University), an M.Sc. Information Systems Management (Liverpool University), an M.Sc. Statistics (Egerton University) and a B.Sc. Computer Science (Egerton University)


To be a center of excellence in research, innovation and outreach activities



To create an enabling environment for students, members of staff, stakeholders and partners to engage in research, innovation and outreach activities that promote sustainable development



  • Integrity: Uphold honesty and strong moral principles in all decisions and actions
  • Excellence and professionalism: Ensure and maintain high standards in the discharge of responsibility and delivery of services
  • Patriotism: Inculcate a sense of national identity
  • Innovativeness and creativity: Adopt and utilize appropriate technology to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery
  • Being mindful of others: Thinking about others
  • Team work: Great things are best achieved by teams

Through this directorate the University seeks to achieve the following in the area of Research, Innovation and Outreach;

  • Supporting, recognizing and rewarding research, innovation and outreach activities by faculty and students in the University.
  • Attracting and managing research, innovation and outreach grants professionally and in line with the expectations of all stakeholders.
  • Producing and disseminating research, innovation and outreach outputs on appropriate and quality platforms.
  • Establishing and maintaining quality platforms for the dissemination of research, innovation and outreach outputs.
  • Producing, safeguarding and exploiting all intellectual properties in an ethical, professional and legal manner.
  • Undertaking all research, innovation and outreach activities in line with acceptable ethical standards.
  • Establishing and managing hubs, laboratories, institutes and centers for research in a clear and sustainable manner.
  • Ensuring the ethical and professional management of research data.
  • Initiating and undertaking community outreach activities in a consistent and productive manner.
  • Establishing and maintaining relevant and productive linkages for the purposes of academic, research, innovation and outreach activities.



The research committee performs the following functions:

  • Developing policies, processes and guidelines on research at the University.
  • Overseeing the management of the University research fund.
  • Overseeing the establishment and operations of research centers and institutes in the University.
  • Overseeing the organization and execution of research conferences, workshops and symposia at the University.
  • Overseeing the processes for the application and management of research grants.
  • Establishing and overseeing the structures and processes for the dissemination of research outputs at the University.
  • Identifying and addressing needs related to research infrastructure, processes and other support required by researchers.
  • Organizing for research capacity building for faculty and students.

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