Kabarak University Electronic Voting Information System (EVIS)


The Kabarak University Online Voting System is an electronic voting system that provides the creation and management of elections, voting and compilation of election results. 

Value Proposition for Online Voting

  1. Cost Savings - Online voting saves you time and money. There is no ballot printing or procurement of related election materials such as ballot boxes, voter registers and stationery etc. The number of personnel and related costs involved are also significantly lower.
  2. Efficiency - The process is very efficient on the election manager's time given that the entire process can be managed online and remotely without the need for face-to-face meetings. Voters require minimal if any, travel or movement in order to participate in the election. 
  3. Voter Accessibility - Voters, who would otherwise be unable to participate in an election due to the need to travel to a polling station, are all able to participate in the election in the locations where they are. This has an impact on the overall voter turnout for an election.
  4. Auditability - With online voting systems it is very easy to showcase all election-related data such as the voters register, the actual votes and an audit trial. This helps in increasing candidates' and voters' confidence in the process.
  5. Verifiability – Online voting systems can provide the means for election stakeholders to verify the validity and integrity of the vote.

Overall, online voting increases the transparency of the election process which is essential for the acceptability of the outcome of the process.

EVIS Modules

The Kabarak online voting system comprises of the following modules:

  1. Institution Election Manager Module – This module allows an institution's election manager to create elections, set up elective positions, upload voters data (names, categories and other details), upload candidates' data (names, positions and photos) and access the election results.
  2. Clerks Portal – This module allows election clerks to edit voter details such as identification numbers, names and categories.
  3. Voters Portal – This module allows voters to validate their details and to cast their votes in an election. 

EVIS Browser App Guide

EVIS Mobile App Guide

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