Empowering Girls Through Education: Kabarak University's 'Support a Needy Girl to Go to School' Program

Kabarak University staff and students have taken a remarkable step towards supporting the education of underprivileged girls at Kampi ya Moto Secondary School. This noble endeavor, known as the "Support a Needy Girl to Go to School" program, aims to ensure that these girls receive the necessary resources to continue their education, even during their menstrual days.

Commencing in the year 2020, this annual initiative stands as a testament to Kabarak University's unwavering dedication to community service. Every Tuesday throughout the academic semester, a dedicated university team reaches out to these students, providing not just academic guidance but also mentorship that transcends the boundaries of the classroom. The ultimate goal? To nurture responsible individuals who will serve as inspirational figures within their communities.

In these interactive sessions, the team delves into pressing issues such as drug abuse, peer pressure, career choices, and menstrual health. At the helm of this program is Ms. Faith Yator, whose passion and commitment inspire the girls to consistently give their best and embrace responsible citizenship.

Furthermore, the university students, who generously offer their time each Tuesday, impart invaluable wisdom to these young girls. They stress the significance of making wise choices in friendships, guiding them away from negative peer pressure and towards a brighter future.

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