Faith and Environment Blog

The faith and environment blog is an online forum that exists to enable multi-disciplinary conversations around the nexus of faith and spiritual values and the environment.

The blog is run by the Kabarak University Press as one of their projects dubbed 'The Faith and Environment Project'.

The Faith and environment blog aims to promote multidisciplinary scholarly discussion on faith and the regulation of environmental protection from an African-regional perspective. It will feature scholarly work mainly from the global south with an aim of developing and publishing scholarly material on faith and the regulation of environmental protection.

Faith and spiritual values are common driving factor for most cultures and societies. Aligning environmental protection with culture and religion can help us understand our environment better and how to protect it. It may also lead to a behavioral change and effectively aid in conserving help in the long-term environmental protection.

The Faith and Environment blog considers submissions from students of law, researchers, policy makers, academics, theologians and environmental matters experts.


Those interested in making contributions to the blog are encouraged to meet the following requirements;

  • It should be around 1000 words.
  • It should address matters on faith and environmental discourses bringing out the interreligious and ecological intersections.
  • Citations in the form of endnotes are encouraged.

Submissions shall be sent to

19 September 2023
Faith and Environment Blog
By Nadya Rashid ' Indeed, the wasteful are brothers of the devils, and ever has Satan been to his Lord ungrateful.' Quran, 17:7[1] 'Environment', what a familiar word! I had known, not just the spelling of this word, but also its meaning and Kiswahil...
30 March 2023
Faith and Environment Blog
Rev. Odomaro Mubangizi (PhD)* Introduction The current crisis of climate change has challenged disciplines to traverse traditional barriers in intellectual discourse. This is largely because no single discipline can address the multilayered issues in...
16 March 2023
Faith and Environment Blog
By. Caroline Kibii Environmental researcher and consultant. Faith and environment are two seemingly distant and unrelated entities. In reality, they are interrelated, dependent, and influence each other. Faith has a direct connection with nature and ...

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